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Some of us smurfs love to fly within the fsx community, via Vatsim and our own private sessions.
From, island hopping to long haul flights, city to city or continent to continent.
At presant we are currently planning a round the world trip and would love you to join us.
Experience the amazing scenery, realistic ATC, live tracking and much, much more.
You can also find various freeware downloads to enhance and improve your fsx in our download section
After Long periods of discussion and many poems written by our local poet beefy,
we have decided that only one thing can be said:
We like smurfs, smurfs are blue. Sky is blue and planes fly in the blue sky so........
it all comes back to the start :D ( Cameron 3 verse 1:4 )

This site was designed so people have somewhere to store FSX files for free.
Please don't abuse it. Do not store porn or copyrighted files.
If you own the copyright to any of the files and didn't give permission
for them to be hosted please email